The Perks of Buying European Brand Cars In Europe

Back in the olden days, US servicemen had their European brand cars brought home to their motherlands from their tours of duty. It did not take long before companies such as Mercedes, Volvo, Saab, and others launched delivery programs in the 1960s. While not as popular as it was before, the idea of being handed the keys to your car in a factory in Munich, Ingolstadt, and others is still a sensible choice than buying it from a local dealer.

A Good Deal

Sam Abuelsamid, a senior research analyst from Navigant Research, reveals that having your car delivered from the factory instead of buying from a local dealer can make sense. Buying your European brand cars directly from Europe will not only give you an opportunity to visit and tour the factory but also see the brand’s museum. Likewise, you may also be able to see your car being assembled.

Some manufacturers even sweeten their delivery programs with discounts. Stephen Williams could have bought his BMW 128i at his local dealer for $35,250 but the price in Munich was only $31,695. He was given a royalty treatment at the BMW factory complete with buffet breakfast and a lunch voucher. Mercedes offers a 7% discount from the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP). BMW and Audi offers 7.3 – 7.4% and 5%, respectively.

Other companies selling European brand cars waive off the destination charges if they buy their car from the factory.  Volvo offers 1 – 2% discount from the MSRP and includes waived destination charges which is valued at $994 – $995. The company’s spokesman RusselDatz reveals that Volvo may be the only one offering a comprehensive package.

Program Offerings

While the individual perks may vary from one brand to another, most of the programs offer similar package. Your car remains insured while it is in Europe and also includes shipping to the US and port processing and customs duty. Some manufacturers of European brand cars like Mercedes add a night in a luxury hotel, a tour of the factory, tickets to the museum, taxi coupons, and a meal at the delivery center.

BMW presents the car in a glass elevator, spins it around on a spotlighted turntable. Porsche offers a factory visit with lunch in the VIP dining room, a museum tour, and a visit to the Porsche Boutique. Audi offers taxi coupons with chauffeured transport from the airport or train station.

However, delivery services may require advance planning. As it involves a lot of paperwork, manufacturers may require a few months before leaving the European factory.

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