Why are Mercedes-Benz cars so expensive?

One of the most popular European brand cars in the market today is the Mercedes Benz. Despite its popularity, however, it is also one of the most expensive. In this article, we shall try to investigate the reasons for its high price tag. It is worth noting, however, that this is just the opinion of MB Medic which is not affiliated to the carmaker.


Mercedes cars comes with topnotch safety features. They are heavier with more airbags, smart seatbelts, and headrests. Most models feature the most advanced whiplash technologies. The seatbelts include pre-tensioners which buckle up and pull the seatbelts tighter during an accident.


Among other European brand cars, Mercedes has always set the pace when it comes to new technologies. They are always steps ahead of their rivals and the technology they develop is copied by other manufacturers.


Mercedes Benz is the leader when it comes to innovation among automobiles. They set the pace when it comes to comfort and safety features. Mercedes was the first to develop notable safety features such as seat belts, airbags, crumple zones, ABS brakes, to name just a few. They are also preferred by customers due to their high performance and exquisite interior design.


Mercedes Benz combines luxury, sophistication, and affordability. It competes with other European brand cars but the manufacturer builds their products with much attention to details, technology, and interior design.

Maintenance Cost

One problem with Mercedes is that they are expensive to maintain as they become old. There is a lack of mechanics who can repair Benz cars. These models are some of the most sophisticated in the market and the repair costs can be heavy on the pocket if you rely on these mechanics. However, there are websites that sell Mercedes parts online which makes the maintenance cost more affordable.


Mercedes has been known for being the yardstick when it comes to excellence in automobiles. This European brand car had its old motto “Engineered like no other car in the world.” Later on, this slogan was changed to “The best or nothing.” Today, this promise of excellence still remains the motto of Mercedes Benz.

Manufacturing Cost

Mercedes manufactures most of its parts at their own factories. While other manufacturers employ third party suppliers for their transmission, Mercedes develops their own parts.

So now you have an idea of why Benz cars are one of the most expensive in the automobile market. Despite the cost, you can bank on excellent quality and performance.

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