What We Can Expect From the Mercedes Benz E-Class

Safety, stress relief, and comfort—the future Mercedes Benz E-Class will take all these innovations to the next level. Let us take a look at what this European brand car will bring to the table as far as these features are concerned.

Safety as a core element

Mercedes Benz has been leading the industry in the development of active and passive vehicle safety measures for almost 70 years. Such efforts have benefited not only owners of Mercedes Benz but also of other drivers.

With the Driving Assistance package, the Mercedes Benz E-class will become the most intelligent saloon in its category. It will have the ability to keep the car at a safe distance behind a slower vehicle ahead.

Stress Relief

The Intelligent Drive feature of the future E-class frees the driver from having to step on the brake or accelerator pedal during normal driving while getting steering assistance even in bends. Robert Janitzek reveals that the system can intervene if the lines on the road are unclear or even if there are no lines.

Reducing Dangerous Situations

The Mercedes Benz E-class also features an Active Brake Assist. This feature warns the driver of imminent crash situations. It will provide them with the right level of assistance in the event of sudden braking and automatically applies the brakes in case of emergencies.

Aside from detecting slower-moving, stopping, or stationary vehicles, Active Brake Assist also has the capability to detect and react to crossing traffic at junctions.

Smart Parking

While the Active Brake Assist detects vehicles, the Evasive Steering Assist is the pedestrian detection counterpart. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that when the driver deliberately or instinctively performs an evasive maneuver during a dangerous situation, this feature will add a precisely calculated steering torque to support steering wheel movement.

With the Remote Parking Assist, vehicles can be moved in and out of parking spaces from outside the vehicle with the help of a smartphone app. This way, passengers can easily get in and out of the car even in tight spaces.

 Vehicle Information Exchange

Using a mobile phone app called Car-to-X Communication, drivers can see around corners or through obstacles. The driver be warned ahead of time in case of imminent danger.

Another feature is the Digital Car Key system, which uses Near Field Communications that allows the driver to use their smartphone as a key.

Three Models to Choose From

Set to make its debut this year, the Mercedes Benz E-Class will come in three models– the sporty Avantgarde, the luxurious Exclusive, and the equally sporty AMG.

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