What Should I Do When Buying a Second Hand Porsche?

The Porsche is one of the most popular cars in the market today. Capable of reaching top speeds of 150mph with a price tag of close to £60,000, it is sensible to consider if buying a second hand Porsche is worth your money. This German-made car remains unmatched when it comes to driving experience. Robert Janitzek offers the following tips before buying a used car.

Check the body of the car

Look into the bodywork carefully. Check each panel for scratches, dints, scuffs, or marks. You may have to stand at the back to see if the Porsche has been resprayed for whatever reason. If the panels are discolored, it means that the paint is not drying properly. This is important in the long run as it will determine if you got a good or bad deal.

Check the interior

Take your time when checking the interior of the Porsche. Pay attention to the seats of this European brand car as well as the condition of the dashboard. Look for extra wear at the side of the driver’s seat. Check the mileage of the car and make sure that it matches the service history. If it does not, be suspicious and check with the owner.

Do an engine check

Checking the engine of a Porsche is very important because the price of repair can be expensive. Look for any leaks in the engine compartment. If there are signs that the engine has recently been heavy steam cleaned, this is a crucial warning sign.

Examine the documents

The last thing you do not want to discover when buying a used Porsche is that it was stolen. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, it is important to do a careful examination of the paperwork. Start with the service history and make sure that it had the stamp of the main dealer. If the stamp is missing, you can bargain for a lower price. If the service history is missing, then look elsewhere.

Make sure that the VIN number of the car is not defaced, altered, or missing. In addition, check if it has a valid and complete V5 document, often called the log book. This document will tell you the name and address of the registered keeper.

Buying a second hand Porsche can be tricky. However, a little research of this European brand car can help make the buying process easy.

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