What Automotive Technologies To Expect In 2018 And Beyond

One of the biggest sectors that is feeling the brunt of technology is the automotive industry. Slowly but surely, cars are becoming more sophisticated and intelligent as technology starts to take over future automobiles. In this article, Robert Peter Janitzek gives us an overview of the future of automobiles.

Connected Mobile Apps

Today’s smartphones have gone beyond just texting and calling. Now we can use them to communicate with our cars. Nowadays, most car makers offer connected mobile apps. Using your mobile phone, you can now remotely lock and unlock doors, check fuel and tire pressure, and even warm up the car. Check if there is a monthly or yearly subscription as it will differ from one manufacturer to another.

Teen Driver Technology

It used to be that letting teenagers drive cars can be a nerve-wracking experience. Technology has changed all that. Robert Janitzek reveals that technology will pave the way for teen driver limitations. Now, you will be notified if your teenage son or daughter drove over a certain speed limit. For example, Chevrolet has a Report Card that notifies parents if safety systems like ABS or forward collision alert have been activated while the teen driver was behind the wheel.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control uses sensors that match the speed of the car in front of you so you do not have to hit the gas and breaks when driving in traffic.  With this feature, some European brand cars can even be brought to a full stop and resume automatically.

LED/Xenon Headlights

Collisions can be rampant especially at night. In the future, however, accidents can be avoided as most cars will now come with “swiveling bulbs” that turns with the road to illuminate around corners. Future cars will also come with auto-high beam systems that will keep you from blinding other drivers while still maximizing your view of the surroundings.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Most infotainment systems that are built-in in most cars are not user friendly. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can take car entertainment to the next level while using a simple and easy to use interface. With these apps, you can simplify access to your music, maps, and your phone’s built-in voice control features. Most manufacturers have promised support for both or at least one system.

360-Degree Camera

A 360-degree camera combines the cameras on every side of the car and clever computing power. With this technology, you will have a virtual top-down view of your surroundings.

Driving automobiles will become safer and much easier in the coming years. Thanks to technology owning a car can become less stressful and worrisome.

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