What Are The Costs Associated With Maintaining A Mercedes Benz?

The Mercedes Benz is one of the most expensive European brand cars out there. It also entails huge maintenance costs on your part. However, this will depend on the condition, age, and specific model. A high performance V12 or V8 engine will require a higher level of maintenance than a six cylinder engine used in most common C and E Class models. This article will give an overview of the costs associated with regularly maintaining your Mercedes Benz.

Minor Service/Major Service  

In general, you should have your Benz serviced after every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. The car manufacturer will usually alternate a minor service with a major service. Robert Janitzek reveals that the latter is referred to as an A-Service that will include oil service and inspection. This will usually cost around $200. On the other hand, the major service called B-Service will include an A-Service plus filters and computer resets. The usual cost for a major service is $400. Depending on the make and model, additional conditional based services may also be included such as brake fluid flush, transmission service, and spark plugs.


Although not included to a regularly scheduled maintenance, brakes are another common item worth maintaining. Make sure to use the proper grade brake pads and brake rotors for your specific Mercedes Benz. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that you can spend $50 on a set of brake pads or $250 depending on the specific model and level of performance you desire. Avoid using the cheap aftermarket brakes. Expect to pay a comparable amount for a Mercedes Benz OEM pad with increased stopping grip and less dust.

Oil Change

The regular cost for an oil change is the oil itself. For high performance engines, the required Mobil 1 OW/40 synthetic oil costs around $8 to $12 per liter depending on your engine. Your Benz will consume between 7 and 9 liters.  It is important to use the right oil for this European brand car. If your car has a newer engine or the supercharged or turbo charged engines should use full synthetic oil like Mobil 1. Older engines used mineral based oils and should not be replaced with synthetic oils.

Minor Repairs  

Minor repairs for your Mercedes will depend on the required repair. Minor repairs such as spark plug replacement, minor oil leaks related to valve cover gaskets and vacuum leaks can be repaired within several hours and will cost a few hundred dollars.

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