Top 10 Car Technologies To Look Forward In the Future

Technology has been making its presence felt in various industries including the automotive sector. Over the years, we have seen an increase in the number of technologies in European brand cars. In this article, we shall take a look at some of these features that will shape the future of car sales.

Autonomous Vehicles

At the moment, autonomous vehicles are still include human oversight. However, it is expected that by 2020, fully autonomous vehicles can drive anywhere in certain circumstances, most likely rural interstates with minimal variables.

Drive Override System

Still related with autonomous technology except that this feature gives cars the ability to disregard commands and make its own decisions. Currently, there are cars that will automatically stop if you do not apply the brakes. However, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that come 2020, these cars will apply brakes even if the gas pedal is floored. This will be possible because of sensor technology.

Biometric Vehicle Access

In recent years, we have seen a switch from keys to keyless entry and start. What will follow will be a switch to key-fob-less-entry and start. Using just your fingerprints, you can unlock and start your car. This technology will use the same concept used in cell phone security.

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

This technology is already being used by insurance companies and some state governments. With this feature, insurance companies will offer a reduced rate for drivers who agree to full tracking of their behavior. BY 2020, Robert Janitzek explains that comprehensive driver tracking will become mandatory for insurance companies.

Active Window Displays

Head-Up Display technology or HUD has gone a long way from the dim washed-out green digits projected on windshields a couple of decades ago. By 2020, vibrant images will be displayed on car windshields. How cool will it be for a navigation system to highlight your next turn?

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

This technology is already being implemented with telematics companies shutting down stolen cars putting an abrupt end to police chases. By 2020, remote vehicle shutdown will have a huge impact in society.

Reconfigurable Body Panels

By 2020, you will see European brand cars with lightweight body panels and advanced motors that can retract the roof and side glass into the lower body panel.

With these technologies, we can look forward to getting high technology cars that will roaming around the streets and roads of European cities. Whichever manufacturer adopts these technologies first will have the competitive edge.


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