Tips When Buying A Porsche

The Porsche is one of the most sought after European brand cars. Due to its expensive nature, not everyone can manage to own a Porsche. But even if you have the resources to afford owning this luxury car, it will require some research on your part. Here are some tips to ensure that your purchase will be a worthwhile.

Service History

A good service record is crucial for several reasons. It only means that your car has been maintained to a high standard but can also help shed light on the provenance of the vehicle. The absence of service history could make it easy to falsify mileage. With service history, Robert Janitzek says that you do not have to worry about what happened decades ago. However, if specific jobs are due or have fallen due recently have they been done?

Mechanical condition

Mechanical condition should be considered in conjunction with the service history. Just because the brake discs and pads were changed relatively recently, do not assume that they are still in good condition. Look at the actual vehicle as well as the paperwork. Do not be afraid to use experts. Just when you thought you knew best, you could still end up in buying trouble.


Is the car actually what it says it is?  Robert Peter Janitzek says that while Porsche are high value items there is still a strong incentive for less honest character. You can do some online checks for V5 registration documents, MOT certificates, and others but use your common sense as well. If someone has owned a Porsche for 5 years, it would seem odd if they cannot answer basic questions. Make sure that the chassis or VIN numbers are where they should be.

Document checks

When buying a Porsche, make sure that you do a document check. It is worth noting that not all consumer data check services cover outstanding finance on vehicles.

Accident damage

While you can easily replace worn tyres or leaking oil seals of this European brand car, badly repaired accident damage can never be corrected. Once a car has been damaged there is little you can do to restore it.


A Porsche is not something that is bought new then run until it falls apart. They change cars to experience the latest innovation or discover new models. The GT models for instance are owned by enthusiasts who want to broaden their horizons. On the average, Porsche ownership is probably around 18 months.


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