Tips On Maintaining Your Vehicle Cooling System

Care and maintenance of your car’s cooling system plays a vital role in ensuring your comfort and that of your passenger. The cooling system of your European brand car includes the radiator, fan, water pump, thermostat, sensors, to name just a few. These components are connected together to make the system work. The cooling system contains both water and coolant. It contains a 50-50 mix of coolant to water.


But like any other component in your car, something can go wrong in your cooling system. When there is a leak in your cooling system, it could become warmer faster than usual. To check if there are leaks, turn off your engine and look underneath. Then open the hood and check for any funny noises. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that leaks on the system will make a distinctive whistling sound like a teakettle.


Another potential problem with your cooling system is heat. Keep in mind that heat is the enemy of your engine. If your instrument panel indicates that your car is running too hot or you see or hear something that signals excessive heat, then it could mean that there is a problem with your engine or the cooling system is not functioning properly.

When your engine is heating up, you need to be careful in driving the vehicle until you find a solution to your problem.  Robert Janitzek reveals that an overheating engine can be a severe problem. When driving your car and the water temperature gauge stays in the red for a long time, pull over right away and have your car towed. It could be costly on your part if you don’t.

Bad Sensor

If your car is running all right, just hot, and there is no water coming out of the tailpipe, it means there is no blown head gasket. If the water temperature gauge rises and gets near the red and the fan does not kick in, it could mean you have a bad sensor. Switch off the engine of your European brand car and let it cool down. Remove the sensor and buy a new one. If the fan kicks in and the temperature starts to drop, it means everything is OK now.

Bad Thermostat

If changing the sensor does not work or if the fan kicks in but the temperature continues to climb, then you might have a bad thermostat. The thermostat is found under the return hose from the engine to the radiator. It usually comes off the top of the engine. Let the engine cool, remove, and replace the thermostat. Then test the idling again. If  the problem persists, check out the water pump or the radiator.

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