Tips On How to Care And Maintain Your BMW

BMW is one of the most popular European brand cars in the market today. Known for its craftsmanship and superior performance, it however carries a high price tag. Due to their expensive nature, it is but normal for owners of this luxury car to be concerned with care and maintenance of the car. Read on and be guided on how to extend the life of your BMW much longer.

Winter Maintenance

Care and upkeep of your BMW during the winter need not be high tech. Getting stuck in a snowstorm can be a frustrating experience. However, all you need is a bag of kitty litter for tire traction and ice scraper for removing the ice on the windshield and de-icing liquid. Robert Peter Janitzek recommnend to have the tires checked for adequate pressure. Head to your local maintenance center to have the tires rotated and for the car to be tuned-up as well.

Spring and Summer

These are the seasons when the BMW is most used. Make sure that the oil and oil filter is properly checked under the hood and since the weather is warmer, the cooling system should be checked. See if the hose has leaks or if there are cracks on the drive belts. The anti-freeze should also be tested to prevent the coolant from boiling in the summer.

The Body and Interior

Robert Janitzek suggests that the body and interior should be checked regardless of the season. The BMW is a luxury car but it won’t look like one of there is rust on the body. Salt buildup during the winter should be sprayed out when the weather becomes better. It is also recommended to have the car washed to check for any damage that may have happened during the winter. Doing so could reveal possible scrapes in the body paint or minor stone cracks in the windshield.

Oil Change

Oil change should be done every 3,000 miles but done several times a year. This will give your mechanic an opportunity to tune up and check the overall condition of your car. Likewise, this may be the perfect time to rotate the tires or put in new spark plugs. The ultimate goal is to get as much mileage out of the vehicle as possible.

The BMW is designed to give every worth the penny you paid for. Doing a little routine maintenance and care of your car will give you an assurance of extended life and drivability for as long as possible.

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