Tips for Buying a Used BMW

A BMW carries quite a hefty price tag. It is therefore understandable to consider buying a used BMW given its expensive nature. It is worth noting that even if it’s used or second hand already, the unit still offers the quality that the German car maker is known for. However, there are some tips that you need to bear in mind when buying a used model of this European brand car.

Check the Bodywork

 Before making a commitment to buy, inspect the bodywork for obvious signs of damage or inconsistencies. Check the exterior of the car carefully for any signs of wear and tear that is not compatible with the age of the car.

Paint and Finish

The whole car should be of the same color of paint, with consistent coverage over the entire vehicle. Signs of inconsistencies in the paint coverage indicate that the car has had significant damage and has been repaired and repainted. Make sure that there is a clear-coat finish on the vehicle and that there is no cloudy or smoky areas.


Robert Janitzek recommends that you check the edges of all the panels on your car, including the wing and door panels. Ensure that the small gaps between the panels are of similar size. If the gap sizes between the panels are different, it is likely that the BMW has been repaired. If there are inconsistent gaps between the panels, it means that the panels were from third party providers or from older BMW panels.

Check Mileage

 An important consideration when buying a used BMW is the mileage. Excessive mileage means that the car is prone to breakdown which could translate to costly repair bills. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that you need to make sure that the odometer reading is valid and not clocked. Check service records and other paperwork and compare it against the current odometer reading. The mileage should match the age and general condition of the car.

Check the Paperwork and VIN Number

Before buying the car, check the available paperwork. Ensure that the VIN number on the documentation is the same with that of the VIN on the car itself. Likewise, make sure that there are no registered liens on the car. Look for a full service history as this would mean that the car is well-maintained by the previous owner.

Check The Tires

Make sure that the tires of the second hand European brand car still have plenty of wear left. The tread should still be in good condition and should not be bald or approaching baldness. If the top of the head of the copper above the head can be clearly seen, it means there is excessive wear on the tread.


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