The Volkswagen Golf Gets A Facelift For 2018

Fans of the Volkswagen Golf have something to look forward to as the European brand car is expected to get a facelift.  “When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t even know it was new,” one Volkswagen executive said about the revised Golf. Let us take a look at what the new Golf will bring to the table.




The new Golf will come with a restyled and more aggressive front fascia. It will more closely resemble the smaller Polo. New LED and halogen headlights will accent the corners. The taillights will be LED as well. Paint colors and interior fabrics will be revised as well. The new VW Golf will feature a thoroughly upgraded dashboard that will include a lot of fresh telematics and infotainment equipment.


Robert Janitzek reveals that in Europe, the standard 6.5-inch and midlevel 8.0-inch center screens will be complemented by a top level 9.2-inch screen operated through gestures. It will come with an optional full TFT instrumentation that resembles the Audi Virtual Cockpit.




The retooled Volkswagen Golf will be loaded with a bevy of safety features which includes multiple driver-assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control which allows stop-and-go assistance at speeds up to 37 mph, pedestrian detection, and a trailer-assist system that helps with reversing. Some of these features may be available to US Golfs but not all of them. Volkswagen would be breaking tradition if they do that as the European brand car does not usually equip US Golfs for towing. But with the Sportswagen and the Alltrack now in its lineup and its US arm operating independently, this could possibility.


The facelifted Volkswagen Golf will still have the turbocharged 1.8-liter 4-cylinder for the standard Golf and a turbocharged 2.0-liter for the GTI and Golf R. These engines will be part of the EA888 family that is built in VW’s new plant in Silao, Mexico. Gone will be the two new 1.5-liter engines that are part of the EA211 family. One is fitted with a cylinder-deactivation system rated at 148 horsepower. The other is a BlueMotion version with variable-geometry turbocharger rated at 129 horsepower. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that these engines would be available in the US later but not in this generation of Golf.

For Europe, the GTI and GTI Perfomance models will get a power boost t 227 and 241 horsepower, respectively. The six-speed dual-clutch will be replaced by a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. While these specs are expected there are no details yet as to the time frame.

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