The Safety of Roads Lies With These Future Technologies

Many technological advances have been made and installed on European brand cars but the roads have remained unsafe for both vehicles and pedestrians. There are many steps that can be undertaken to ensure road safety and improve the driving experience. Here are some of the technologies that we are likely to see in the roads of the future.


Glow In The Dark


Instead of spending a huge budget on road lighting and other options that could stretch to thousands of miles of roads, glow in the dark markings offers a more acceptable alternative. This technology is already being used in the N329 Highway in Oss, Netherlands. The markings will use paint that contains photo-luminiscing powder that charges up during the day. Robert Janitzek reveals that this technology will glow for up to 8 hours every night and will stretch for 500 meters.


Interactive Light


In the future, we would likely see motion-sensing lights on the road. When a car approaches a particular section of a road, interactive lights will light up on that stretch on the road. As the car comes closer, the light grows bigger and will slowly dim after the vehicle passes. This light is perfect for roads that are less travelled and are not always packed with cars.


Wind-Powered Lights

Wind-powered lights will generate electricity from pinwheels. It works by converting wind drafts from passing cars into electric. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that since wind is required, these lights will only be lit once a car passes by in the area. Pinwheel generators will be placed along the car’s path at the roadside.

Electric Priority Lane

This technology is designed for electric vehicles. It will allow EVs to charge their vehicles on the road. To do this, drivers will have to drive on the right lane. The Induction Priority Lane will have embedded magnetic fields. This way, drivers will no longer have to look for charging stations.

Solar Roadways

The aim of this Indiegogo project is to install solar panels on glass roads, complete with LEDs and microprocessors. Glass is renewable, environment friendly, and its strengthe can be enhanced . The glass surface can be engineered for cars to allow them to safely stopeven when traveling at top speeds of up to 80 kph. The solar road can even melt snow during the winter.

With these technologies already in the works, you can look forward to safe roads in the future.


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