The Most Popular European Cars in the U.S

Foreign cars sold in the United States should adhere to US safety standards. The safety regulations in the United States are different from that of Europe. European brand car companies manufacture their cars for a different set of safety regulations. While not all European cars are accepted in the US, some are able to enter the US market and become quite popular. Here are some of the more popular European cars in the US.

Volkswagen Beetle

Production of the original Beetle stopped in 2003. Volkswagen came out with a new version in 1998 but production was stopped in 2011. Compared to the original Beetle, the new version had its engine in the front with luggage in the back. Volkswagen has released several special editions of the Beetle such as the Malibu Barbie Beetle.

BMW-5 Series

Robert Peter Janitzek revealed that BMW has been manufacturing the BMW 5 Series since 1972. Now on its sixth generation, the 5 Series of BMW is an executive/mid-sized luxury car that is sold in sedan and touring body styles. The 5 Series is the second best-selling model of the German car company after the 3 Series. In 2010, it produced about 50 percent of BMW’s profits.

Audi A4

The Audi A4 has been in production since late 1994. It is a line of compact executive cars from Audi, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. It features a plush interior, the latest connectivity and safety technologies. Robert Janitzek revealed that the A4 was recently equipped with the latest version of the MMI infotainment and Audi Connect, making the car a mobile WiFi hotspot.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper now comes with a four-door model with a large back seat and more cargo space. Its turbocharged four cylinder engine delivers energetic acceleration, The base model gets up to an EPA-estimated gas mileage of 29/40 mpg city/highway.

Volvo S80

The S80 model is designed as a more professional looking and sleeker, gas saving vehicle without compromising safety and reliability. The Volvo S80 comes with IntelliSafe, a new level of protection. With this feature, the driver will be notified of approaching cyclists or a car that suddenly stops in front of it.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes Benz C-Class is one of the most popular small luxury cars in the US. According to reputable reviews and test drives, the C-Class topped the list in the upscale small cars category. It was introduced in 1993 as a line of compact luxury cars. It was originally sold as a sedan and station wagon.

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