Software Development for Self Driving Cars

Software for autonomous driving has been in the development process for several years already. These programs must work hand in hand with the hardware in order for the vehicle to become functional. In this article, we shall talk about the different software that will shape the future of self-driving cars.


 Control will be one of the most important software technologies to make autonomous cars a reality. However, as of the moment, the technology is still being developed. We are not yet at the point wherein we can go on autopilot and read the newspaper. A fully automatic vehicle is too challenging especially in an urban setting where there is too much traffic. The challenge of developers lies on adaptability to external environmental factors.


Navigation systems for driverless cars are designed for data collection on common driver routes in order to anticipate his wishes. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that if your usual route is going to work in the morning, picking up your kids from school in the afternoon and going to the gym every Friday, future navigation systems will remember this route. In addition, navigation systems will get information such as weather forecast and road report in order to determine the best route.


Modern day cars have complex mechanisms that electronics has been engaged in monitoring the state of all its components. Today, we have car software that can suggest to a driver to change oil or filters when it’s time. Robert Janitzek explains that monitoring systems will have the ability to track the body condition as well as the state of the car. By attaching a heart rate monitor to a steering wheel, the system can track the heart. Blink sensors can keep the driver awake. If the system determines that the driver is not fit to drive, it will block the engine.


 High-speed network access will allow smart cars to turn into entertainment centers. It will allow passengers the opportunity to watch videos, listen to music, surf the Internet, or chat with friends. A collaboration between Volvo and Ericsson will offer the following entertainment features to self-driving cars.

  • Sensus Connect Multimedia System, which supports all popular formats;
  • Remote updating of a multimedia system. The car software system updates exactly the same as you get a new software update for your smartphone.
  • Bluetooth-connection in the vehicle with the help of which driver answers calls without being distracted from the road.
  • Siri-based voice control – from the “Play my favorite song” to “Find the nearest petrol station”.
  • Special mobile applications to control some functions of the car using a smartphone.


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