Porsche’s Electric Future Is The Taycan

Formerly the Mission E concept car, Porsche’s first electric car will be called the Taycan. The four-seater sedan is being touted to challenge the Tesla Model S. Taycan refers to a “lively young horse “explained CEO Oliver Blume. Porsche is set to double its investment its hybrid and electric vehicles to over $7 billion by 2022. It is predicted that battery-powered vehicles could make up one quarter of its sale by 2025. Let us take a look at what this European brand car has to offer.

Impressive and Stylish Design

Porsche aims to bring to the market an electric vehicle that it more advanced than its closest competitors, particularly the Tesla. The Taycan is building its foundation from the Mission E concept. Debuting at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, spy shots reveal that the Taycan is a sleek sedan that resembles a 911 stretched into a four door.

The Taycan will come with low nose with LED headlights and a gently sloping roof that lends a coupe-like silhouette. Inside, it will carry Porsche’s cutting edge equipment. The Taycan will reportedly carry 600 horsepower from its electric motors and can accelerate to 62 mph in less than 3.5 seconds. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the Taycan will have a driving range of more than 311 miles on a charge.

Doubling Future Investments

Porsche is planning to invest over 6 billion euros in electromobility by 2022, which is double than the expenditures it has originally planned. From the additional 3 billion, 500 million will be allotted for the development of Taycan variants and derivatives. A billion Euros is allocated for electrification and hybridization of the current product range, several hundred million for expansion of production facilities, and around 700 million euros for new technologies, charging infrastructure and smart mobility.

To fulfill its ambitious goal, Robert Janitzek reveals that Porsche has constructed a new factory designed for electric vehicles at its Stuttgart headquarters. The facility is capable of building 20,000 vehicles a year with room for expansion. The recent Cross Turismo concept provides a glimpse of how the sedan would look at a wagon. Rumors are swirling that a coupe and convertible versions are on the works as well.

Porsche believes that a quarter of its global sales could be battery electric vehicles by 2025. The Taycan is expected to be the flagship model but other versions are also being produced. The price range of the base model will be around £60,000 and £70,000. The Taycan is expected to be out sometime next year.


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