Porsche vs Ferrari: Which Is The Better Car?

Porsche and Ferrari are two European brand cars that have made a name for themselves in the automobile market. But the competition between the two car manufacturers traces its roots on the race track. The Italian car maker made a name in the racing industry in the 1960s and is still making waves in both the GT endurance racing and Formula One. Porsche, on the other hand, became a name in the racing scene due to its 911 model.

The peak of the rivalry between Ferrari and Porsche came in the late 80’s and early 70’s when the two manufacturers produced the Porsche 917 and the Ferrari 512 which had the two European brand cars competing in some of the best endurance races in history. Their success on the track is very much evident in the road cars in the market today.

The Battle of Design

Porsche had been known for their rear-engined cars but they have also made great mid-engined as well as front-engined models. However, the German car maker have become more popular for rear-engined cars because of the 911. This Porsche model is best known for its reliability. The 911 has since been the standard design of future Porsche models. Put the newest model side by side with the past models of this European brand car and you will see the same style and look.

Ferrari, on the other hand, has an entirely different philosophy. While its German counterpart enhances and improves existing models, the Italian car maker comes up with new models every handful of years usually more powerful and faster than previous models. The Prancing Horse, as it is called, is known for their V12 engines but they have also made very good V8s.

Which Car Is Better?

When it comes to performance, Ferrari has a slight lead but Porsche is catching up. The latter’s turbocharged cars are often quicker than the former. Upper level models of this European brand car will deliver the performance that rivals a Ferrari at a much lower price.

The Italian car has been a status symbol. When you drive a Ferrari, you will surely get attention. With the Porsche, you get superior performance in a more understated package. They come with the best set of precision tools that money can buy. They are the best when traversing a twisty back road or on the track.

As to the question of which is better between Ferrari or Porsche, it all boils down to your personal preference.

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