New 2018 Mercedes A-Class Bringing New Levels of Luxury and Technology

The 2018 Mercedes A-Class is set to take the battle to Audi and BMW with its bevy of technology and luxury features. This European brand car is touted to deliver new levels of luxury and technology to its class. Mercedes Benz is set to unveil the new car at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

Once available in the market, the 2018 Mercedes A Class is expected to rival the Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3, and BMW 1 Series. Looking at the new car, it is still an A-Class, In fact, even Mercedes calls it a new interpretation of the design. It will, however, feature subtle changes from its predecessor. Some of the changes that it will have include sharper bonnet slopes, larger wheel arches, wider rear end.

Interior Design and Technology

Robert Janitzek reveals that the 2018 Mercedes A-Class will bring ground-breaking design. It will feature a pair of free-standing instrument panels and turbine-style air vents. Ambient lighting will highlight the separate sections of the dashboard. The new generation A-Class will not only look different but will work differently as well.

It will make use of the Mercedes Benz User Experience System, which can be personalized and adapted according to each user. This means that the digital screen can be customized according to the preferred information combination of the driver. The system is able to learn if you call the same people and listen to certain radio stations and suggest it to the driver.

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the infotainment system can be controlled in a variety of ways—by voice control, through the touchscreen, or on the touchpad on the center console or touch-sensitive panels on the steering wheel. The standard system comes with a pair of 7-inch screens. Customers have an option of upgrading to either a 10.25-inch touchscreen or a pair of 10,25-inch screens.

Sophisticated Features

One of the newest features that will come in the 2018 Mercedes A-Class is  ‘áugmented reality’ navigation. This technology superimposes navigation information on top of a live video image taken by the front camera. The voice control system of this European brand car is also sophisticated which can be activated either by pressing a button on the steering wheel or by simply saying ‘Hey Mercedes’, similar to Siri system on an iPhone.

Safety And Passenger Comfort

The 2018 Mercedes A-Class offers more shoulder, elbow, and headroom as well as easier access to the rear seats. It provides more storage space in the cabin. As for safety features, it will come with an Active Distance Assist Distronic system which will keep the car in a safe distance between the vehicle in front and provide steering assistance even in corners. Active Brake Assist and Attention Assist warns the driver if they are showing signs of fatigue.

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