Mercedes Benz Kicks Off Its Electrifying Future With the eVito

The race is on as car manufacturers as they brace themselves for an electrified future. German manufacturer Mercedes Benz has recently announced that it also plans to electrify its van lineup. However, the European brand car maker reveals that it will also mean the demise of gas or diesel engines but rather minimal electrification. Mercedes Benz is starting off with the eVito.

Introducing The eVito

Also known as the Metris in the United States, the evito is the electronic variant of the standard Vito. With a 41.4-kwh battery, it can go a range of 93 miles at speeds of up to 75 mph. Its electric motor generates 113 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. It will be available in both short-and-long wheelbase variants and can carry 2,366 pounds of payload. The loading floor will not be changed to a battery-electric drivetrain as it will rest at the back of the eVito.

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the eVito will be the second pure-electric production model from the German car maker’s van lineup after the Vito E-cell of 2010. It can drive around 150 kilometers on a single charge . On unfavorable conditions such as low temperature or full load, the eVito could still go a range of 100 kilometers. However, charging the battery to full capacity takes around 6 hours.

Preparing For The Future

Aside from the eVito, Mercedes Benz Vans says it is also planning to develop electric models of its commercial vehicles within the next few years. Robert Janitzek confirms that after the eVito, the eSprinter will come next in 2019. After that will be the electric version of Citan.

Mercedes Benz is aiming to provide a “holistic ecosystem” to help businesses and tradespeople buy, charge and maintain their electric vans. This will include connectivity solutions such as mobile apps and driver training programs for electric outlets.

But vans are not the only lineup that Mercedes Benz is planning to electrify. Recently, Thomas Built Buses also unveiled a 100-mile electric school bus named Jouley. Daimler Trucks also revealed the E-Fusion Vision One electric truck. It is, however, designed for intracity hauling than long-haul work.

Set to be released during the second half of 2018, this electric car will be priced at at €39,990 ($46,938, directly converted), excluding value-added tax. It is still unsure whether the electric Metris will be shipped to the US but no one will be surprised if it eventually did.


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