Land Rover Bares Ambitious Plan To Unveil 16 New Models By 2020

As part of its £10billion investment blitz, Land Rover has bared its plan to double its production to 600,000 vehicles by 2020. The European brand car maker aims to capture around 3 percent of the global SUV market which experts predict will hit 22 million by 2020.

Land Rover has a 7-year plan that includes a line-up of 16 different Land Rover models which includes a family of six luxury Range Rovers, five leisure Discovery and Freelander models, and five iterations of the utilitarian Defenders.

Expansion is also planned in China and India.

 The variants of the next generation 5- and 7-seater Defender will include a ‘crew cab’ pick-up truck. Also in the pipeline is a soft-top version of the Evoque ‘baby’ Range Rover and a smaller Evoque. Robert Janitzek reveals that the plan also includes a new flagship luxury Discovery and a baby Freelander.

The future models of Land Rover were inadvertently leaked during a routine presentation. The company bared that its Solihull plant could produce 150,000 models a year at full-stretch, the most profitable operating position. The new Range Rover shifts just over 40,000 units and the sport about 60,000 leaving room for an aluminum Land Rover in a luxury segment which could collar about 50,000 of the 682,000 units sold worldwide.

Land Rover plans to invest in a new £1.8billion plant in China. In its first stage, the facility can build 130,000 vehicles annually, 60 percent of which will be Land Rover models. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that China is Jaguar Land Rover’s second biggest market after the UK. The DC100 Defender will be one of the few models that is set to roll off the production line. Land Rover sold nearly 50,000 vehicles in the first eight months of 2012 and 47 new dealers will be added to the current 96.

Land Rover is seeking to make headway in the mid-market leisure sector where six million annual sales are up for grabs. This is why the company is building a family of cars where the Freelander and Discovery competes. This range of leisure cars will partly be built in the UK which means that its Halewood plant would need to expand significantly in a few years. The new Defender family, on the other hand, will be built mostly in India, where European versions will use a significant number of Indian-sourced sub-assemblies.


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