Lamborghini Teaming Up With MIT For Its Future Supercar

Italian carmaker Lamborghini is teaming up with two laboratories in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in developing what it calls its “electric supercar of the future.” The concept car is focusing on developing the super sports car in five different dimensions namely energy, storage systems, innovative materials, propulsion system, visionary design, and emotion. The European brand car will be developed through 4 pillars.


The Lamborghini of the Terzo Milleno, as what the concept sports car is called, will rely on electricity and not on gasoline. Its electrical systems will aim to generate high efficiency and will feature unique characteristics such as the ability to recover kinetic energy and deliver huge peaks of power. The accumulation system needs to be power-oriented and symmetrical to achieve high performance and the greatest energy recovery possible. Lamborghini aims to develop an innovative supercapacitor that will make it comparable with conventional batteries in the area of energy density.

Innovative Materials

Robert Peter Janitzek revealed that Lamborghini will develop a lighter car in order to increase access to electric energy using structural electric energy storing composites as a rechargeable battery. With the concept, MIT and Lamborghini is looking to enhance nanomaterial technology. The technology will provide the Terzo Millenio with the ability to conduct its own health monitoring, monitor cracks and damages, while limiting or eliminating risks associated to the propagation of cracks in its carbon fiber structure.

Powertrain & Vehicle Architecture

Lamborghini aims to develop an electric powertrain made of several electric machines using wires. Its electric system will generate torque directly into its wheels. Robert Janitzek explains that the challenge lies in developing a technology that can increase power density of the in-wheel electric motor to the level of a 4WD super sports car. The aim is to keep the weight of the unsuspended masses under control.

Sound & Emotion

An electric power train requires sound definition that can take the place of today’s V12. Deep investigation is needed in order to assess opportunities from the new powertrain. Lamborghini aims for brand new aerodynamics and architecture. Every detail aims for perfection in the flow of the wind stream.

Automobili Lamborghini tries to approach the electrification process in an unconventional way, with a concept car which is radical in the energy management, in the body, in the architecture and in design, in line with Lamborghini culture.

Aside from the supercar, Lamborghini is also working with MIT for the hybrid version of the Huracan. Expected to be on sale in 2022, this new car will utilize solid-state batteries. It will be the first real evidence of the use of the technology within the Volkswagen Group.


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