Jaguar Unveiling Four New Models By 2018

Jaguar is ready to beat Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz when as it plans to unveil four new models in 2018. This was revealed by Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar Land Rover’s new strategy chief. Robert Janitzek gives us an overview of Jaguar’s challenger to the premium cars in the European market.

The British car maker started off with the a compact saloon in 2015 codenamed X760. Hallmark revealed that they will be building the most advanced, most efficient, and most refined car in its segment.  “It will look and drive like a Jaguar, be filled with the highest technology that anyone has ever brought to that segment, and have the most efficient engines and the most refined feel in its class.” Hallmark said.

Joining the X760 will be an estate and an SUV (smaller than the recently unveiled C-X17). Robert Peter Janitzek revealed that there are also plans for a coupe variant and a hatchback similar to the GT models of BMW. The company bared that the X760, which the company also calls Baby Jaguar, is the last chance of the brand.  “This is the only choice as Jaguar is not viable at 60,000 units [per year]. If the X760 fails, it will be probably be the end for the brand.” said the executive.

However, all signs are that the baby Jaguar project will not be a failure given that its financial viability will get a huge boost by the production of a new Range Rover Evoque XL which will use the same aluminum architecture of the Jaguar models. It will give the company its much needed volume and healthy profit margins.

London-based analyst ISI Auto revealed that the compact premium cars global market is dominated by Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. These European brand cars are expected to deliver 1.15 million units next year. The rest of the market will share remaining number of units of the expected 1.3 million.

Speaking of the X760, it will be made entirely of aluminum which gives it a decisive lead in weight saving. Its rear-drive running gear will be designed from scratch gives the car precise handling characteristics. The new Jaguar will also come with a new range of JLR-designed state-of-the-art powerful and super-frugal engines.

Senior JLR engineers also said that the compact Jaguar will focus on handling, following the footsteps of the more focused F-type and the racier version XF. The combined stiff aluminum structure and aluminum suspension will make the X760 more driver focused than the 3-series and more technically advanced than the A4.

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