Introducing The 911 Solo Concept – Porsche’s Hypercar of the Future

While Porsche currently has a hypercar in its fold in the 918 Hybrid, it looks like the German brand is gearing up to make the 911 Solo its hypercar of the future. The 918 Hybrid is a fine hypercar with a combination of 4-wheel drive security and silent all-electric pottering with one of the best race-derived engines. Let us see what this European brand car will bring to the table.

The still in concept Porsche 911 Solo brings together traditional 911 design cues with a touch of the iconic Moby Dick 935 racer. While it is still unsure as to what powertrain will be on the future hypercar, it will likely embrace electrical propulsion in some capacity just like another concept car Mission E. Its iconic design can be noticed from miles away.

For the last 50 years, Porsche has been doing well with its 911. Starting out as a road car, it has been transformed into a flawless racing machine. Robert Peter Janitzek revealed that all seven generations were criticized for looking similar. IAAD graduate Khashayar Jenabi could not agree more. For this reason, he designed a car based on the 911 which could give the car its most extreme look.

The 911 Solo concept car pushes the limits of Porsche’s legacy to greater heights. As mentioned, the car drew its inspiration from the Porsche 935 flat-nosed racing car. Similarly, the 911 Solo will feature squared-off fenders at its rear with the diffuser integrated in the back bumper. The rear deck lid will feature air vents for cooling down the possible six-flat engine.

Robert Janitzek reveals that the concept car would probably have a center-mounted single seat, which is the ‘solo’ part of the car’s name. Other possible features include aerodynamic flaps on the rear fenders which will pop out to give the car stability during brakes. It will also include futuristic headlamps which will form part of the 911 Solo’s front bumper.

With the possible awesome features of the Solo car concept, it is not surprising why Porsche is collaborating with Jenabi and other IAAD students in order to bring the concept into reality in a form of a scale model. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be the closest that the Porsche 911 Solo would be to being a production model. The fact that it does not have tyres or suspensions, the concept will never work in the real world.

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