How To Repair and Maintain Your BMW Battery

BMW is one of the most popular European brand cars around. It is known for its superior performance and drivability. However, just like any other machine, the BMW requires ongoing maintenance. One component that requires regular maintenance is the battery. It can be inconvenient for your BMW to be stranded in the middle of the freeway because you did not have your battery serviced. Here are some tips on how to repair and maintain your BMW battery.

Park the vehicle in shade

BMW batteries are susceptible to hot temperatures. Specially in the summer, the heat can be extremely damaging to your battery. For your battery to function properly, Robert Janitzek recommends parking your BMW in cooler areas. Parking in the garage is your best option but not every driver has that luxury.  It is recommended to park in a shaded area.

Maintain battery fluid level

Another way of maintaining your battery is to keep it adequately hydrated. Maintain your battery fluid at a specified level. When that fluid becomes depleted, there can be issues with your battery. It could malfunction or will not start at all. In hot climates, battery fluids get depleted more quickly. To compensate for the quick depletion of fluids, you can add distilled water. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that this is fine as a temporary solution. However, experts advise against it. It is best to have your battery inspected by a BMW service center to make sure that your fluid is topped off.

Check all the battery connections

Battery connections & components can become corroded and compacted with dust and debris over time. Similar to the exterior of your car, batteries will also require similar attention. Your battery needs to be regularly cleaned and inspected several times a year to ensure that connections and components are properly functioning and free from cracks and corrosion. Replacing a dead battery of this European brand car can be more costly.

Seek professional’s help

While for some BMW owners, ongoing preventive care can be viewed as an added expense. In reality, however, it can more cost-efficient in the long run. This means you do not have to bring your BMW to the shop for costly repairs.

Replacing or maintaining the battery of your BMW is not easy as it may seem. If there are doubts in your mind when something goes wrong with the battery, your best bet is to always consult an expert technician in the nearest BMW shop.

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