Here’s What to Expect From the Next Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

It has been a long time since Mercedes Benz rolled out a Sprinter van. It has only happened twice: 1995 and 2006. After 12 years, Benz is introducing the new generation Sprinter. To give people a glimpse of its upcoming van, Mercedes staged an event in its hometown of Stuttgart, Germany. Let us take a look at what this new European brand car will bring to the table.

Variety of Options To Choose From

With the new generation Sprinter, customers will be given an option to choose among the different types of body styles, wheelbases, roof heights, and powertrains. You can also choose from specific levels of interior equipment, dashboard configurations, storage options, and more. The new Sprinter will offer more than 1,000 configurations to help buyers get exactly the van they need.

One of the options to choose from is the availability of a battery-powered eSprinter, sharing its electric powertrain with the smaller eVito. But that’s not all. Mercedes is also selling electric vans and letting its customers manage them. Robert Janitzek reveals that it is also offering services for setting up charging infrastructure, optimizing charging times to minimize grid load, and financing the entire investment. Mercedes will also help fleet operators determine whether switching from internal combustion to battery power will be worthwhile for their specific applications.

Intregrated Pro-Connect

With integrated Mercedes Pro Connect, fleets of new Sprinters promises easier and more efficient management. It will allow fleet managers and dispatchers to communicate with the drivers they supervise, track location, limit movement within geofenced boundaries, and remotely monitor parameters such as fuel levels and service status, log and categorize trips, and monitor cargo on board. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that Mercedes ProConnect was launched as a retrofit for current Sprinters but will be fully integrated into the new models.

Convenience Coming

Passengers can look forward to more comfort with the new Sprinter. There will be more comfortable reclining seats, deployable cupholders, smartphone cradles, USB chargers, and onboard WiFi. In the future, parents will be notified if their kids get on and off the Sprinter-based school bus. In addition, drivers will experience less strain due to lower load floors, better ergonomics, and modern infotainment features.

A New Breed of On-Demand Shuttle Services

As ride sharing becomes more popular, the European brand car will be partnering with Via in rolling out the new Sprinter as the backbone of on-demand shuttle services. Mercedes Benz Vans and Daimler Mobility Services recently invested $50 million in a joint venture with Via. They will leverage Via’s algorithm, which has already enabled over 20 million rides at a rate of more than a million served each month.

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