First Look At The 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe

Mercedes AMG has added the C Coupe to its GT lineup. The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe directly competes with the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. In this article, Robert Janitzek gives us an overview of the new Mercedes offering.

What Makes a C

The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe gets a wider bodywork. The muscularity from the rear view increases from 76.3 to 79 inches. The wider body provides room for a rear track increase of 1.7 inches and a wider 12.0-inch rear wheel with 305/30ZR-20 tires.

The GT C shares a common turbocharger with the GT R and the intercooler package gets an upgrade for 2018. The GT C Coupe delivers 515 horsepower at 6,250 rpm and a torque of 494 lb-ft at 1800 rpm. The peak boost pressure is at 16 psi. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that at a peak boost of 18.1 psi, horsepower of the GT C goes to 550 at 6750 rpm and 502 lb-ft at 1900 rpm.

Driving Experience

The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe is more energetic than the S model. It leaps ahead when in manual mode. Even if in top gear, there is still plenty of grunts.  It comes with a prompt throttle response and less turbo lag compared to a Porsche 911.

As for the steering, the C Coupe securely and accurately bends into corners. It comes with the standard rear wheel steering for greater agility. The latter also helps this European brand car cut harder at lower speeds. Above 62 mph, the rear wheel steers in the same direction as the fronts giving it more stability in a straight line or fast bend.

The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe offers excellent braking feel. All AMG GT models comes with hefty, six-piston fixed calipers in front. The front brake rotors are 1.4 inches thick and diameter ranges from 14.2 inches on the base to 15.4 on everything else. It offers optional carbon-ceramic brakes.

Let’s C Inside

The C model offers an excellent driving position. The instruments are nicely arrayed and the controls are easy to use. The steering wheel has paddle shifters for selecting gears. The seats offer lateral support.

The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe offers five driving modes—Individual, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Race. It is expected to be launched in the market later this year. The initial models will be called Edition 50 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of AMG. Only 1,000 of these cars will be produced worldwide and only 50 will come to the US market.

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