Facts About Hybrid Cars You Should Know

As the future of the automotive industry gears up for a hybrid future, it is worth differentiating between hybrid cars and the rest of the pack. In this article, we shall get to know the facts about hybrid cars.

Not An Invention of the Last Decade 

Hybrid cars date back to 1902 when Ferdinand Porsche built the first fully functioning hybrid car known as “Mixte.” Porsche went on to become the founder of Porsche company. Early hybrid cars were referred to as “Semper Vivus,” meaning always alive. The first hybrid car had a two-combustion engine with an electric motor hub for storing energy in the battery.

Not The Only Example of Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology has been around for many years. It was used in mopeds which united the gasoline engine and power pedals. The technology has also been used in locomotives, submarines, mining trucks, and other applications. Robert Janitzek reveals that it took more than a century for hybrid technology to find its way back to automobiles.

Hybrid cars are not one-trick ponies when it comes to savings.

While fuel efficiency is the most obvious economic benefit of owning a hybrid car, there are also financial reasons for buying hybrids. They have lower depreciation rates compared to their conventional counterparts and ownership entitles you to a tax rebate. While there batteries are more expensive, most automakers now offer a lifetime warranty on batteries and offer substantial warranties on other parts.

Repair Costs Won’t Break The Bank

Robert Peter Janitzek explains that traditional vehicles are known for their costly maintenance. On the other hand, vehicle maintenance for hybrids are less costly than conventional vehicles. It used to be that hybrids were quite expensive, but the popularity of hybrids has decreased costs considerably.

Hybrid cars are breaking through long-held myths.

One of the most popular myths about hybrid cars is their performance. Thanks to advancements in technology, manufacturers have now found a way to balance performance and efficiency based on the driver’s needs. The myth that hybrid cars are dangerous has also been debunked. Today’s hybrid cars are now loaded with safety features for the protection of both drivers and passengers as well as emergency response personnel.

Hybrid Cars are Environment Friendly

Hybrid cars use less fuel than traditional cars. You would to practice every known hyper-milling technique and be driving in ideal conditions to achieve an amazing distance on a fuel tank. However, more than 400 miles should be an ease even in cold weather and less than ideal road conditions.


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