Debunking Common Myths About SUVs

While SUVs may be popular in many car markets, they do not suit everyone’s needs or tastes. This type of vehicle has been a subject of misconceptions and prejudices which are already outdated and too generalized to hold up. Robert Janitzek gives us some common myths about SUVs.

SUVs Are Thirsty on Fuel

There is a misconception that fuel efficiency is one feature that is not present in SUVs. This can be attributed to their size, weight, and large engines. There is also a wrong assumption that SUVs contribute to pollution.

The truth of the matter is that most SUVs nowadays have recorded a combined fuel economy of around 50 to 60 mpg. This is not far from the fuel efficiency of hatchbacks or even city cars. Credit goes to modern developments that allowed manufacturers to achieve engine performance and wright saving.

SUVs Are Difficult To Drive On The Road

While European brand cars designed SUVs with off-road driving in mind, it does not mean that it is difficult to use them on the road. Most SUVs include feature such as ride height, suspension, steering and tyres, which all contribute to off-roading capabilities. While some models may still struggle when it comes to on-road dynamics, some big SUVs are now drivable even on tarmac.

SUVs Are Slow And Sluggish

This misconception has something to do with the size and weight of an SUV. Understandably, they cannot match the agility of hatchbacks or coupes. Those who believe in this myth might change their mind if they try some of the current models in the market today.

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that even the models with the lowest spec engines are able to accelerate 0-62 mph close or below 10 seconds. There are also performance-focused SUVs such as the Audi SQ7, Volvo XC90 T8 or BMW X5 M, which can push the benchmark sprint time to less than or close to 5 seconds. They have the aerodynamics and ride set-up for delivering the nimblest drive possible on the road.

SUVs Are Not Designed For Off-Road

A good example of an SUV with off-roading capability is the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. It comes in five drive models. It features console-mounted dials, alter throttle response, gear selection, torque distribution, and others. It is an active drive low model that is able to crawl extremely slow in first gear, making it perfect for climbing even the toughest gravel drive.

So next time someone discourages you to buy an SUV, think twice.

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