Common Bentley Maintenance Issues You Should Be Aware Of

Bentley is one of the more popular European brand cars. However, it is not a perfect vehicle and there are maintenance issues that can crop up as a result of wear and tear. Owning a Bentley can be pricey but it can become even more costly due to maintenance problems that you did not address. Here are some common maintenance issues that you need to address when owning a Bentley.

Air Leaking In Suspension

The air suspension of Bentley is designed for comfort. The rubber cylinders used by manufacturers in place of coil springs are perfect for adjusting the suspension according to your liking. When air is leaking from your suspension, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that it can cause an uneven ride. This can cause a chain of events to occur. Air suspension issues should not be overlooked as it can cause your components to fail and your car to drop to the ground.

Rusty Fuel Filter

While Bentley is a distinguished engine builder, most modern models are prone to fuel injector problems. Models manufactured from 2004 to 2008 have fuel filters that are prone to corrosion. Road salt can cause a buildup in the outer surface of the filter. It can cause leaks in the fuel housing. If left unattended, Robert Janitzek says that your Bentley could lose fuel and become a fire hazard.

Defective Wheel Bolts

Particularly in the 2006 Bentley Arnage, there are factory defects on the road wheel fixing bolts. In other units, there are bolts that are dimensionally incorrect. Defective bolts have the tendency to loose. If not replaced, they can detach from the hub increasing the risk of accidents. To identify defective bolts, do an ocular in the wheel assembly and look for bolts that appear to be insecurely screwed to the wheel hub. Make sure to replace these defective bolts with compatible units. Go to your nearest Bentley dealer and look for factory-made bolts.

Problematic Hydraulic System and Braking System

Models of this European brand car manufactured from 1997 to 2003 have problems in their hydraulic and brake systems. The main problem areas are in the brake houses and hydraulic pipes. Bentley limousines and sedans have low-pressure brake fluid pipe between the master cylinder and the remote reservoir that can trap and retain air. This can affect braking performance. In the Bentley Arnage, the hydraulic hose that transfers fluid from the regulator tends to leak resulting to difficulty in steering.

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