Codename G20: Revealing The 2018 BMW 3-Series

Slowly but surely, the 2018 BMW 3-Series is taking shape. Latest pictures of BMW’s upcoming car reveals what is shaping up as a junior 5-Series in terms of look, style, and engineering details. While still disguised, some of the padding hidden beneath the camo is now removed. Production-ready bodywork is slowly being shown. Let us take a look at the latest iteration of this European brand car.


Spyshots have revealed that the new 3-series will feature a full digital instrument panel. It will likely be made available on high-end variants. While it will come with a familiar cockpit, the 2018 BMW 3-Series will include fresh TV quality instrument graphics, a more comprehensive head-up display, a large colored monitor in the center stack which blends with touchscreen access, gesture control, and voice activation. It is expected that the dials will be part physical and part digital. A large clear screen will be positioned between speedo and tacho instuments.


The G20 will not be short of assistance systems. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the new 3-Series will set the template for the G30 new 5-Series and the G20 Three. The new 3-Series will have the ability to park itself via remote control, stay in lane or change lanes, overtake under certain conditions, brake when required, monitor turns and crossroads, drive semi-autonomously on the autobahn and in stop-and-go traffic at up to 40mph. Sources revealed that the driving experience switch and drive mode selector will be combined in a single manettino-style toggle in hybrid variants.


Unlike the C-Class and the new 5-Series, the 2018 BMW 3-Series will not be offered an optional air suspension. Robert Janitzek explains that it will come with adjustable dampers, switchable anti roll-bars, 2nd generation active steering, and a new torque vectoring system. With a longer wheelbase and wider track, lower center of gravity, and lighter kerb weight, you can expect enhanced handling and roadholding as well.

Also on the cards are stronger brakes, reduced-friction wheel bearings, adaptive elastokinematics including track and camber modulation, xDrive AWD with faster torque distribution and aluminium-carbonfibre compound wheels. While xDrive is a box to be ticked by the new 420bhp M350i MPA (M Performance Automobiles) model, M3 and M4 may again stick with two-wheel drive.

The new European brand car will be officially launched during the Paris Motor Show in October 2018. However, it will not go on sale until 2019 in right-hand drive. The Touring estate and other body styles will not be revealed until later this decade.

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