Car Safety Features That Could Save Your Life

Now more than ever, considering safety features for your car is a must. Accidents can happen anytime and you or your passengers can get injured or even die. There might also be instances when you might lose control or focus while driving. Car manufacturers are now taking advantage of technology in order to come up with new ways to ensure safety of the driver and their passengers. Robert Janitzek gives us a glimpse of the most recent safety features:


Automatic Parking


Parking in a tight spot and avoiding bumping fenders can be a daunting task for most drivers. With a feature known as Park Assistant or Active Parking, you only need to pull up your car in front of the open spot and your car will use cameras and radar to park themselves. While you may still have to switch your car to reverse and regulate the brake pedal, at least the hard part is taken cared of.


Adaptive Cruise Control


Adaptive cruise control helps keep your car at a certain speed limit. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that this feature uses radar to detect traffic patterns and then adjusts the speed of the car accordingly. However, you will still have to set the parameters. This feature is often combined with collision warning or automatic braking.


Forward collision prevention/automotive emergency braking


Today’s cars are now equipped with collision avoidance capabilities. They can now detect an impending collision with another vehicle or large object and slows down or stops before it happens. This feature is designed for highway speeds but can also operate low speed. By September 2022, new vehicles will come with a standardized auto braking.

Lane Monitoring/Lane Departure Warning

Some European brand cars now come with lane monitoring which use road markings to detect if you’re drifting without a turn signal and will alert you with a sound, flashing light or vibration. Advanced systems will intervene with corrective steering or braking. Other cars have more complex systems such as hands-free lane keeping.

Blind Spot Monitoring

This is one of the most popular safety feature with most shoppers want it included in car deals. This feature alerts you of potential blind spots and warns you with a ring or light around your sideview mirror. Some will even show a camera footage of what is in your blind spot.

The future is bright when it comes to car safety. While these features are important, cost will still be a major obstacle. If you are a focused driver, these features may not be a necessity. On the other hand, if you are a distracted driver, then they are a must.

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