BMW Sets Electric Future In Motion With New EV Models

European brand car maker BMW has announced that it is set to add 25 electric vehicles to its fold by 2025. From the 25, 12 are fully electric and 1 is an M model. This will be more than double the number of BMW’s electric lineup from 9 cars. According to BMW executives, they have been floating the idea of an electric model for their M range.

More Electric Vehicles In The Future

“We will be increasing the share of electrified models across all brands and model series,” BMW Chairman Harald Krüger said. “And, yes, that also includes the Rolls-Royce brand and BMW M vehicles. Furthermore, we are currently gearing all BMW Group plants towards e-mobility. In the future, we will be able to equip all our models with every drivetrain.”

Robert Janitzek revealed that the BMW’s range of electric vehicles will include a Mini EV in 2019. An electric X3 will also be on tap for 2020. A new sedan for the i model will also be in the works. According to BMW, future electric vehicles will have a range of 435 miles. Powertrains of these cars could use a combustion engine for igniting the rear wheels and electric motors for turning the front axle.

Only A Matter of Time

Dirk Hacker, BMW Vice President for Engineering, said that it was only a matter of time as they have hinted of such idea in the past. Robert Peter Janitzek explained that it was no surprise as the company had already invested heavily towards an electrified future.

The BMW X3 will be the first of its core BMW models to go fully electric but it is just the start. The company has already put in millions to its factories to allow them to offer electric trains in all classes of their vehicles.

“From 2020 onwards, we will meet [customer] needs by offering all types of drive trains in all vehicle classes,” said Klaus Fröhlich, head of development, at the same press conference. “Our customers will be able to choose between super-efficient, super-clean combustion engines, plug-in hybrids, and all-electric battery-powered vehicles.”

The European brand car maker has full confidence in its ability to offer electric vehicles if customers demand it. With new battery technology in place, electric vehicles can travel up to 435 miles on a single charge.

“We take our responsibility to society, our customers, our employees, and the environment seriously,” said Krüger. “That is why we are working hard and fast on the shift towards sustainable mobility.”

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