BMW Aiming For 25 Electric Cars, Plug-in Hybrid Models By 2025

As the race for car electrification continues to intensify, German car maker BMW joins the list of companies who are promising to bring electric and hybrid cars to the market. European brand car maker Volkswagen Group has pledged around 30 battery-electric models on sale by 2025. BMW is aiming for 25 electric and plug-in hybrid cars by the same year.

In a company presentation and interview in early December, the company that produces the “ultimate driving machine,” bared that they are aiming for 25 vehicles worldwide. BMW also offers the battery-electric BMW i3 as well as half a dozen plug-in hybrid sedans and crossovers. The company’s current electric car, with a large 33 kw/h battery, and the 2019 BMW i8 are part of Generation 4 of its electric car program.

Reworked Architecture for Future Cars

According to Robert Peter Janitzek, Generation 5 will include reworked versions of two basic BMW architectures which virtually underpin all of its cars. For larger vehicles, BMW will use a new version of the CLAR platform which was first used in the 7-Series and 5-Series sedans. The platform will be modified to make room for two different thicknesses of battery packs under the floor of the cabin.

The smaller vehicles, on the other hand, will use the modified version of the UK front- or all-wheel-drive platform used in the current Mini Cooper models and BMW X1 crossover. The new modified architecture will be called FAAR, which will provide room for two different heights of batteries. Robert Janitzek explains that in order to make room for the batteries, the wheels will be enlarged to maintain the proportion of the vehicles.

Fully Electric Vehicles By 2025

BMW Chairman Harald Krueger revealed that their target is to have 25 electric models by 2025, 12 of which are fully electric. Currently, the car maker has 10 electrified vehicles on the market- 9 of which are hybrid and plug-in hybrid as well as the BMW C evolution electric scooter. BMW announced these cars at the recent Frankfurt Electric Show.

Among the models that will be introduced during the event are electric Mini, battery electric vehicle or BEV, BMW X3, and a vision car between the 13 small sedan and 18 sports cars. These electric vehicles will have a range of up to 435 miles.

Competition Heating Up

Aside from Volkswagen and BMW, other car manufacturers are joining the electrified car market. In July 2017, Volvo committed itself to electrification. By 2019, all models that will be launched will have an electric version. Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Jaguar have also committed to electrification. Jaguar Land Rover recently stated that new vehicles will have electric or hybrid-electric versions starting 2020.

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