Battle of the German Brands: BMW vs Audi vs Mercedes – Which Is Better?

There was a time when it was easy to distinguish between three European brand cars Audi, Mercedes, and BMW. Audi was the lesser known option, Mercedes was the recognized king of the market, and BMW was the upcoming player. But things have changed since then. BMW and Mercedes are still neck and neck and Audi is slowly catching up and is now a top player in the market. So which brand is better?, a car servicing comparison site, pitted Audi, BMW, and Mercedes against each other in the first of a regular series of “Big Data”” insights and here are the results:

Audis are more expensive to maintain

Results from comparing the three European brand cars showed that the average repair cost of an Audi is higher compared to BMW and Mercedes. The result was 31% higher than Mercedes and BMW. Complex repairs on an A3, A4, or A6 can add up to the maintenance cause. The age of an Audi can have an impact on the maintenance cost. The younger the model, the more expensive is the repair cost.

Brands are now more homogenous

As each brand have grown their product offerings, they have become homogenous with each other which could hurt the industry. In order to attract individual luxury customers, European brand cars offered what their rivals had. For instance, when Audi introduced all-wheel drive, BMW and Mercedes answered with their own all-wheel drive models.

It used to be that BMW was the leader in driving dynamics which is no longer applicable. The German carmaker can no longer claim to be “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” Mercedes once offered a certain level of quality and workmanship which was not found in other brands. To the average buyer, a BMW 5 Series car is already similar to a Mercedes E-Class or an Audi A6.

For this reason, each brand are now trying to expand their model offerings to capture potential buyers. European brand cars are now depending on their marketing team to differentiate their cars from their rivals. In the short or medium term, this may help boost the sales of the company. But what about the long term?

Now as to the question of which brand is better? It now all boils down to which among Audi, Mercedes, or BMW has the lower price. Now, this is a bad criteria for determining the better brand.

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