All You Need To Know About Buying And Leasing A Car In Europe

Are you a citizen of any European country planning to buy, sell, or lease a car in Europe? Then read on and let Robert Janitzek provide you with some tips on leasing and buying in Europe.

As a European citizen, you are entitled to buy or sell a car in any European country. You also have rights when doing so. These are your rights when buying, selling, or leasing a car from any European country:

Right to legal protection

Your rights when buying a car abroad, including the VAT you will pay, is dependent on the following: 1) car is new or used; 2) it is being bought from a professional car dealer or private individual; 3) seller is may or may not be based in a European country;

It is worth noting however, that you can get the highest level of legal protection when you are buying a new European brand car from a Europe-based seller.

EU consumer rights rules states that if the car you purchased turns out to be faulty or against what was advertised, you are entitled to a 2 year minimum guarantee. Other EU countries may reduce the guarantee period to not less than 1 year. These consumer rights are not applicable to private sales so be careful when buying a car from a private individual.

Check the car documents

When buying a car abroad, ensure that the seller will provide you all the documents needed for registering the vehicle in your home country. Make sure that you have the original documents.

Transporting Your Newly Bought Car

When buying a new car in another EU country, Robert Peter Janitzek explains that you will need to take into consideration how you will transport it to your home country. The car will not yet be registered in your home country. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. Have it towed by hitching it to a fully insured and registered vehicle
  2. Hire the services of a specialist shipping company
  3. Drive the car home yourself. Make sure to get insurance and temporary plate numbers in the country of purchase. Make sure that the plate is acceptable in all the countries you will pass. You should get a permanent plate number for the European brand car in your home country.

Moving Abroad with a Leased Car

When leasing a car, you may be able to use it for the duration of the lease. You can buy the car after the lease contract expires. Make sure that the person leasing the car legally owns the vehicle. Since you would need to insure and register the car in your home country, doing so can be a problem if the insurance is not valid in the country you are moving to.


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