All You Need To Know About BMW Latest Software Updates

German auto manufacturer BMW has released their latest software updates. The upgrade will bring improved multimedia support and compatibility with a wide range of popular mobile devices. So what will these updates bring to your European brand car? Let us take a look at how these upgrades will work.

Types of Software Update

 Main Software Update

There will be two kinds of software updates. A main software update will address system-wide issues and will feature upgrades to your car’s electronic control modules (ECUs) which is required. To ensure that you will get the exact update for your car, BMW computers will first check the hardware number on each of your ECUs.  The main software update can only be completed by BMW dealers or shops equipped with special programming equipment.

Partial Software Updae

When something is not working correctly or you need the upgrade to fix the car or get new equipment, Robert Janitzek reveals that you might need partial software update. In this situation, BMW does not recommend main software update due to potential complications and risks. A partial upgrade covers things like multimedia, Bluetooth, Internet connectivity, or mobile device compatibility improvements.

You can install the update on your own as long as your car has a Combox, which is compatible with iDrive and enhances most technology features on your BMW. Newer NBT iDrive systems have built-in Combox functionality which makes it easier. The good news is that older models can be retrofitted with iDrive and Combox.

How To Update

If your Combox or NBT iDrive is factory installed, Robert Peter Janitzek says that you can download the update file from BMW using your VIN number. If you installed the BimmerTech Combox Retrofit Kit or Bimmertech NBT Navigation Retrofit Kit, BMW’s record will show that you still do not have the hardware and hence not qualified for the software update. You will need to contact BMW to get the official update.

The iDrive update is applicable to the 1,2,3,4 and 6 Series as well as to the X5 and X6 SUVs. However, owners of BMW X1 F48, and 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer will have to wait a little longer for the new updates. Along with the update, the said models can also be equipped with the optional equipment “Telephony with Wireless Charging.” Smartphones, which are suitable for inductive charging, can then be wirelessly recharged in a mobile phone storage in the center console area. Optional equipment also includes a Wi-Fi hotspot, which supplies up to eight devices with high-speed Internet.

The BMW i8 will be facelifted with the new iDrive 5 sometime this year. Since there will be minimal change from the outside, the facelift inside will be obe of the most noticeable.

When BMW first came up with the iDrive system, the world frowned upon it, calling it things like ‘useless’, ‘laggy’ and ‘unusable’. Admittedly, BMW didn’t …

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