All Ferraris To Run On Hybrid Engines By 2019

As the automotive industry moves toward electrification, European brand car maker Ferrari is moving towards that direction as well. The planned switch is in line with the company’s target of finding ways to reduce emission and fuel consumption. Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne bared that from 2019 onwards expect all Ferrari cars to be hybrids.

A Hybrid Future

On a call to investors, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed that their ultimate goal is to sell 10,000 cars a year by 2025. He, however, explained that this will mean that they will no longer be exempt from certain emission and fuel economy regulations. “The cycle of cars that will be launched from that point [2019] on will include by definition hybridisation…I think it’s a mandatory requirement.” Marchionne said.

Without specifying what sort of hybrid technology Ferrari would employ, Marchinne only revealed that they will be combining internal combustion and electrification to yield additional performance. Robert Peter Janitzek bared that Ferrari used this strategy with the LaFerrari hypercar, which employed a 161-horsepower electric motor along with its high-revving 789-hp V12.

According to the Ferrari big boss, this will represent a “fundamental shift in the way in which Ferrari is going to be architecting its cars.” While the hybrid technology targeted by Ferrari is similar to that being used by Uber rides in a Toyota Prius, the use will be for a different reason.

By adding an electric motor and battery pack to a petrol engine, one can expect an improvement in efficiency, economy, and environmental impact. Robert Janitzek says that the motor will give the engine more power where it is not performing at its peak.

Improved Power and Performance

Earlier this year, Ferrari received a patent for a new modular chassis architecture for both front and mid-engined hybrid cars. The carmaker plans to use a naturally aspirated V12 to succeed the current F12.  With hybrid technology, there would be an improvement in emission and fuel economy. Aside from economy, future Ferraris will have additional performance. Ferrari first used hybrid technology on the LaFerrari in 2013.

However, Marchionne revealed that they do not intend to produce an all-electric vehicle for the European brand car. In May 2016, he called such idea “an almost obscene concept.” He even added:”You’d have to shoot me first.”

Porsche also used hybrid power for its 918 Spyder. Other manufacturers are also headed towards utilizing hybrid technology for their future cars.

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