Advice on The Proper Maintenance of A Ferrari

Ferrari is synonymous to luxury and style. It is an icon when it comes to automobiles. Carrying a hefty price tag (See related story), the price of maintaining it can also be costly on your part. Learning how to properly maintain this European brand car can extend its value over time. Here are some tips on properly maintaining a Ferrari.

Performance Maintenance

Maintenance of your Ferrari should focus on maximum performance. Some upkeep work can be simple and inexpensive while others may require service by a knowledgeable professional. Others may need parts change. It is recommended to use original parts instead of those manufactured by a general parts manufacturer. You may need to pay more for the parts but count on getting value for it.

Change the Oil Regularly

Oil change is crucial in Ferrari maintenance. Motor oil can keep the engine lubricated allowing the metal parts to move against one another without generating too much heat due to friction. Robert Janitzek reveals that heat melts metal which can cause the parts to stick to one another and the engine to stop. Dealers recommend oil change every 3,000 miles but Ferrari mechanics recommend 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

Receive Annual Maintenance Checks

Annual maintenance checks should be part of your Ferrari maintenance plan. Annual maintenance packages will vary from one dealer to another. Generally, they include oil change, engine oil filter, and pollen filter. Fluids like coolant and brake fluid should also be changed. Fluids can last for as long as 2 years so consult your owner’s manual on when you should change fluids.

Major Service

Depending on the model of your Ferrari, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends a major service every 3 to 5 years or every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. A major service should include replacing auxiliary belts, spark plugs, bearings, seals, and gaskets. The cost will vary depending on the dealer and model of your Ferrari.

 Cosmetic Maintenance

The biggest appeal of Ferraris is how they look aside from their performance. A cosmetic maintenance should be part of your maintenance plan.


Maintaining the exterior requires preventing dings and scratches on your Ferrari. Have a protective film inserted on your Ferrari to keep stones from dinging the exterior and other items from scratching the paint. Rims of this European brand car should be replaced for any signs of wear. Washing your Ferrari regularly can help keep the paint in tip top shape. You can either bring it to a car wash or do it yourself with a car wash kit.


Use a car detailing kit for the interior to wash the upholstery carpets and dash. Put seat covers as they can absorb spills and collect dirt and dust. Just replace them if they become too soiled.

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