A Word About Repairs and Maintenance Cost of A Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Benz is one of the most expensive European brand cars. The cost is there for a reason. This car runs on a high performance V12 or V8 engine which requires a higher level of maintenance compared to V6 engines. The maintenance cost will depend on the condition, age, and model of your Benz. Nevertheless, you need to regularly maintain your Mercedes Benz. Here are some maintenance tips to help ensure the long life of your Benz.

Service Your Benz Every 10,000 Miles Or Once A Year

The German car maker usually alternates a minor service with a major service. The minor service or A-Service includes oil service and inspection and usually cost around $200. Robert Janitzek reveals that the B-Service, which costs around $400, will an A-service plus filters and computer reset. Depending on the make and model, the service will include brake flush, transmission service, and spark plugs.

Oil Change

For today’s high performance engine requires Mobil 1 OW/40 synthetic oil. Your Benz will require around 7 to 9 liters of oil. The oil change will be done in your German Auto Center upon your visit. Avoid the fleece filter and lower cost paper found in most quick lube oil changes. Older Benz engines will use mineral based oils.

 Getting Extended Warranty

Having extended warranty can be a life saver if your Benz needs a major repair. However, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there are certain things you should consider when buying one for your Benz. Just like gambling in a casino, the odds will be in the favor of the warranty company. If you plan to purchase extended warranty, read the fine print carefully. Make sure you understand your coverage and confirm if you can take your car to any repair facility. Most policies will have a comprehensive list of coverage and if the repair is not listed, then it is not covered.

For older Benz models, you may still avail of extended warranties for your older high mileage Benz car but the coverage will be limited. The policies for this European brand car may cover catastrophic failures only. Watch out for companies that will say they will cover any vehicle with mileage.

 Replacement Mercedes Key

You should always have a spare key for your Mercedes Benz. Most keys can fail at any moment and leave you stranded. A key failure will lock out your vehicles ignition, transmission, and steering column so that you cannot move your Benz without a tow truck.  You can order your replacement keys from the German Auto Center or Mercedes Benz of North America.

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