A Look At The New Generation Porsche 911

Porsche is cooking something that can make fans more excited. Spy cameras have revealed an upcoming Porsche 911. Unlike the previous sets which showed fake fenders, fake exhaust tips, and no rear wing, new images reveal a prototype that is close to the production version. Let us take a look at what this upcoming European brand car will bring to the table.


The front fascia of the new 911 will feature double LED daytime running lights. The same rounded headlights will still be there but the fender will be much wider. The rear of the car will also be packed with new features as well. It will include a fixed wing on top of a LED light bar instead of a retractable one. It will also feature quad exhaust tips and high spoke wheels.

Behind each door are functional air intakes that can help cool the air to the engine. Wide rear fender flares indicate a possible staggered tire fitment with narrower rubber at the front and meatier tires at the back. Robert Janitzek reveals that the headlights will feature two stacked projectors surrounded by four smaller LED lamps.

Power Train

The new Porsche 911 Turbo will be powered by a six cylinder biturbo boxer engine. The rumored horsepower of the new 911 Turbo is within the vicinity of 600 or 447 kilowatts which is more powerful than its predecessor by at least 60 horsepower and the outgoing Turbo S by 20 horsepower. A rumored hybrid version is also slated to debut this year. The next generation 911 will not be launched until the latter part of this year. The engine will be paired with its PDK dual-clutch transmission.

Robert Peter Janitzek says that a more powerful Turbo S would also be rolled out. With the 911 GT2 RS already clocking at 700 hp, it would not be surprising that the upcoming Turbo S will have a power close to that.

The new Porsche 911 won’t make its debut until later in the year. Alongside a new exterior design, the 911 will also gain features like a digital instrument cluster, and some added new upscale treatments. We don’t know exactly when in 2018 the new 911 will debut, but the Geneva Motor Show in March seems like a likely candidate.


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