A First Look At The BMW 8 Series Concept Car

The BMW 8 Series will make a comeback in BMW’s lineup for 2018 after a two-decade absence. So what is in store for BMW fans with its upcoming concept car? Robert Janitzek gives us a glimpse of this new 8 Series model.


A New Body

Compared to its predecessor, the new 8 Series model will not have boxy proportions. It will feature lines that flow like water over its Barcelona Gray Liquid body. It comes with creases along the hood and large side air intakes give the new car its fluid look. Bold arches framing 21-inch alloy wheels provide clues of the car’s rear-wheel drive athleticism.

At the front, the upcoming 8 Series model will feature a new interpretation of the brand’s signature kidney grille giving it a 3D look. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, the kidneys will be joined together by an unbroken frame forming a single unit. The front end will include slim laser headlights.

The back end look of the 8 Series will make it unique from other BMWs. Aside from wide, horizontal taillights with L-shaped elements, it will feature a rear spoiler molded into the trunklid and trapezoidal exhaust tail pipes. The lower section of the rear apron will feature a dark carbon-fiber diffuser.


While powertrain options are still to be revealed, it is expected that the new 8 Series will be powered by engines from the 7 Series. This European brand car may include a 3.0-liter turbo-six, a 4.4-liter twin turbo V8, and a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V-12.

A Fresh Interpretation of An Iconic Style

  “The design of the BMW Concept 8 Series provides a fresh interpretation of iconic BMW styling cues,” BMW design chief Adrian van Hooydonk says. “And it also showcases a new approach to the use of forms which is reflected particularly prominently in the car’s surfacing.”

With around 32,000 examples built for more than 10 years, the new BMW 8 Series will be making a comeback 20 years after the first generation model was launched. It is set to reclaim the throne which is now being held by the 6 Series.

“The forthcoming BMW 8 Series Coupe will demonstrate that razor-sharp dynamics and modern luxury can go hand-in-hand. This will be the next model in the expansion of our luxury-car offering and will raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment. In the process, we will strengthen our claim to leadership in the luxury class” revealed Harold Krueger, chair of the BMW board of management.

Details of the BMW 8 Series such as dimensions, power figures, and technologies will still be revealed in the coming days.


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