A Closer Look At The Rolls-Royce Sweptail

Rolls Royce recently Sweptail, dubbed as the most expensive new car ever sold. The Sweptail, however, is a one off car. According to the Telegraph in London, it will cost around $12.9 million. The European brand car revealed that it was tailor made for one of its top customers. Let us take a  look at what this car will offer to consumers.

Custom Designed

The company is coy on the technical specifications focusing instead on the design. The anonymous buyer wanted a car based on the famed Rolls Royce of the 20’s and 30’s. For this reason, the new car has an imposing grille, the largest of any modern Rolls, and a swooping back end, which is why it was called Sweptail. In addition, the owner of the car is a “connoisseur and collector” of luxury cars, super yachts, and aircraft. Robert Janitzek reveals that this is reason the Sweptail has a yacht theme. The grille is milled from a single-piece of aluminum before being hand-polished to a mirror shine.

The back of the car features no visible boundary to the surfaces which is similar to the hull of a yacht. The “bullet tip” center brake light and lower bumper creates a greater feeling of elegance in motion. The Sweptail has 08 as its number plate. The highlight of the exterior though is its panoramic glass roof. Rolls Royce claims that it is one of the most complex ever seen on a motor car and also among the biggest.



Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the inside of the car is known for its opulence with wood, leather, metal, and “hat shelf” with an illuminated lip. According to Rolls Royce, the Sweptail has the cleanest dash to date. It features a clock made from the thinnest Macassar veneer and machined titanium hands. It also has two panniers, one on either side, concealed bespoke attache cases, customized to fit the owner’s laptop/tablet. The center console features a mechanism that serves up a bottle of the owner’s favorite champagne and two crystal champagne flutes. The buyer personally handpicked special fabrics and materials for the interior such as ebony and paldao woods.


As for the mechanical details, the European brand car maker has not provided mechanical details because talking about things like horsepower, acceleration, and miles per gallon sounds a little bit vulgar. However, it is safe to assume that it will run on an existing Rolls platform and will have long bonnets containing one of its familiar V12s.

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