6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Porsche

When it comes to European brand cars, one of the most popular is the Porsche. Despite its popularity, however, it is also one of the most expensive. The question is: With its expensive price tag, why do so many people still buy a Porsche over other brands? Here are 6 possible reasons buying this car still makes sense.

Tradition of Excellence

Since the launch of the 365 Roadster in 1948, Porsche had been a mark of excellence in the field of car manufacturing. It has established itself as an icon in the industry. Most of its cars ranging from sports cars, sedans, and SUVs, are one of the most sought after European brand cars today.

The Porsche Museum

First opening its doors to the public in 2009, the Porsche Museum served as a monument to the unparalleled leadership in the field of automotive design and manufacturer of the company. Aside from about 80 Porsche models, the museum also provides an overview of the history and achievement of the company.

Legendary Racing Heritage

The Porsche 917 dominated the racing circuit in the 70s. So dominant was the car that the governing bodies of each racing associations banned the 917 after the 1971 and 1973 FIA and SCCA seasons. It ony lost one race from 1969 to 1971.

Excellent Canyon carving skills

Robert Janitzek reveals that the popularity of the Porsche stems from the fact that it is one of the best when it comes to carving a tough canyon. Whether it’s the 911, Cayman, or Boxster, the Porsche is unmatched when it comes to canton carving skills.

Extensive lineup of models

Porsche does not only excel in manufacturing the ultimate sports car but also classic models that have prices that are 100 times higher than their original retail price. Its impressive range of vehicles includes SUVs, the iconic 911, a coupe and roadster, and a touring sedan.

The coming of the Porsche electric vehicle

Porsche is set to join the electric car revolution. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, the Porsche Mission E Concept is set to be unveiled in 2020. The 4-seater model is expected to deliver shorter charging times. With its 800 volt battery, the electric Porsche totes an 80% full battery in a span of 15 minutes.

If you are looking for a car that delivers power and performance like the Porsche, the cost will not matter. Loaded with innovative features and powerful performance, the Porsche is sure to give you the most of your hard-earned money.

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