5 Tips for Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

Mercedes Benz is one of the best European brand cars when it comes to reliability. It has a long history of longevity such as the 1976 Mercedes Benz 240D that went 2.8 million miles before being retired to the Mercedes Benz Museum in Germany. But the wear and tear of constant use may eventually cause the vehicle to break down. Here are 5 maintenance tips to keep your Benz in tip top shape.

Proper maintenance of the vehicle on your end will help extend the lifespan of your Mercedes. It will help against mechanical breakdown or damage. So find time to do inspections and have the vehicle serviced to get the most life from your car. Robert Janitzek provides some DIY tips for maintaining your Mercedes:

Hoses and Belts.  When a cooling hose burst or a timing belt snaps, it can bring a lot of hassle on your end. If the hose looks fat or spongy, it is time to have them replaced. Check for any nicks and cracks. If one needs to be replaced, you might as well replace all of them to save you the labor cost of replacing them in the future.

Fluids and Filters. Oil keeps the engine going and most owners will have it and the filter regularly changed. Your engine will also need air. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that the fuel needs to have all the contaminants removed. Have the air and fuel filter checked on a regular basis. Heat from the environment, engine, and brakes can degrade the fluid that control the transmission , steering, and braking. Radiator should be flushed out yearly.

Tires. AAA estimates that nearly 80% of non-commercial tires in the US are under inflated. Having low tire pressure will not only result to more friction but also premature wearing of the tire. Under inflated tires will also affect miles per gallon. Check your tires on a regular basis. Make sure to keep the tires of your European brand car at the recommended psi.

Vehicle Walk Around. Have a friend check the headlights, taillights, reverse lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and brake lights.

Lather on the UV Protection. To keep your car clean, use a wax that provides protection from UV rays. Cleaning the interior is more challenging. Tinted windows offer great protection  but you want to make sure that the trims are clean and treated with UV protection such as Armorall or treated with leather.

A Mercedes Benz can be quite an investment. It can be a great help in reducing your transportation costs. If it lasts long enough, it can free you from the hassle that commuters experience. Take these tips in mind and protect your regular Mercedes.

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